Do you remember the time?

Ok I’m about to take us back to the 90’s. I’m not much of a PC gamer but there was a time where I did ‘revert’ to PC games. Not for very long thankfully but I did have some great experiences. I would say during my time in the dark ages of using the PC there were four games I played that stood out to me. The Neverhood, Shivers 2 harvest of the souls, Riven and FF7.  I’m really going to show my age here. I bet you can guess which had the biggest impact on me. Let me talk about each. (Riven really deserves its own post. You’ve heard me prattle on about it before so I will skip it this time… you’re welcome).

The Neverhood is a game before its time really. Dreamworks, which started in 1994 and is still around and kicking today, published the Neverhood in 1996. Yes I’m a 90’s baby. Well I was born in the 80’s but remember the 90’s better than the 80’s whatever that means. Anyway this is the first claymation game I encountered. It’s a simple point and click with puzzles and fun music. Actually the music won the ‘best game music of the year’ award. I remember singing along to some of the quirky songs as I played. I’m actually replaying it now and the puzzles seem so much easier than they used to be but I’m loving every minute  of walking down this nostalgic road.

Shivers 2 the harvest of Souls. Well now if you don’t get the gist from the title let me tell you it’s a bit eerie. I think I discussed before my love of isolated game environments. (i.e. Riven, Bioshock, the neverhood, silent hill 4.. yes 4 don’t judge) This doesn’t fall short of that in anyway. It also had an awesome soundtrack. There was a fictional rock band, Trip Cyclone, that you have to save in the game. Their souls have been harvested and it’s your job to follow the clues they leave in their songs. It was released in 1997. Don’t even wanna do the math and think about how long ago that was…

Last but not least Final Fantasy 7. This was my first encounter with a RPG. Just how did it catch my eye? Well I remember the commercial. I couldn’t find the exact one but I do remember Aeris floating in the water to the depths below. It was a heart breaking scene as cloud let go of her and her materia floated away sparkling in the sunlight. I was mesmerized at the graphics which revolutionary at the time. I still to this day think FF7 is one of the best final fantasy stories next to 9. Here’s and example of one of the FF7 commercials:

I had gotten it for PC. came with four discs. I don’t have the PC version now but I do have it on PSP,  and PS3. It’s one of the only games I’ve played from beginning to end more than once. Also having multiple movies and spin off games (i.e. dirge of cerberus and the remake) it’s still going strong today. Cloud Strife even still has an impact on today’s young gamers. I witness this every time there’s an anicon or comicon convention in town. There’s always a cosplay Cloud or two around . To me Final Fantasy left a legacy in its wake.  One yet to be filled.

I will never forget my roots. Yes I admit at one time I was a PC gamer albeit breifly. It will always be a part of me and I don’t regret it. It’s made me the gamer I am today.





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