I want my free games!!!!

  So this is the message I’ve been seeing from the Playstation Store since the start of April and it looks like I’m not the only one.
So why am I writing this blog entry? Well I’m sure if you’re a dedicated PlayStation fan like I am you look forward to downloading your free games at the start of the month. But now I just feel empty inside with a hole that only ps plus can fill with free games. 

But from that website it sounds like the problem goes much deeper than free game downloads. Some even having problems with their ps4. Mine seems to be ok thankfully. Already downloaded the freebie games for this month on ps4. I know what Xboxers are saying. Psn sucks and they always make mistakes. But what I’ve noticed from Sony is when they make a mistake the customer usually benefits. From a few free days of a psn membership to extra free games you can tell they value their customers and can admit when a mistake is made. So this blunder is causing some upset for its inconvenience, one can only be waiting in awe in wonder of how PlayStation will try to make this up to their dedicated and loyal fans.

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