Codename NX


So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Mostly because I’m working like crazy. But I’ve got to pay for video games somehow. Anyway I did attend PAX East but it’s going to have to take a back seat to this news I’ve been hearing all week. This is my quick  rant.

Nintendo is coming out with a new system. Yes nintendo!!! So they’re abandoning Wii U for a new system. After the track record with their last two systems the Wii and Wii U, one may ask why? Which is pretty much what I’m asking as well.  So they’re using the tactic of mysteriousness to hype up everybody about this system. Nobody knows it’s true name. Its code name is NX. The next Zelda game the ‘Legend of Zelda’that was supposed to be released this year on Wii U is being rumored for a NX release next year as well as the fifth installment of Fatal Frame. To me that would make it worth while to own the system just for Fatal Frame 5. But we don’t know if this title is going to be exclusive to Nintendo yet. Also they aren’t releasing any information at E3 but are holding their own special event to release this mysterious system X. Really Nintendo? This tactic is just oozes desperation. 

Still this question of why is still lingering. Why? Well to be honest I don’t think Nintendo has had a solid system since the days of Super Nintendo. I mean what exclusives do they have that I can’t live without? Zelda and Mario and recently smash seems to be what’s barely keeping in the game. But with all of the above being on their handhelds why bother??? I mean this is their strength. Nintendo has always had the best handhelds and the best handheld games. I will always support their handhelds. The consoles not so much. Sometimes you just gotta know when to say when. Save yourself some money Nintendo and do what you’re best at. There’s no shame in knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are. After being so disappointed from Wii U and not being the only one I’m sure it’s going to take a lot more to restore the faith of nintendo fans. More than the mysteriousness of unveiling another crappy system with barely any games and no third party support.

Well that’s my rant on Nintendo feel free to let me know what you think or any news you may have heard! Let keep each other informed! Add me on PSN: Imriven I’m barely on xbox but when they do a left4dead for the ONE that’s when I will get one.


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