Life’s a glitch

I had to get something off my chest. I’m playing Apotheon looking for Poseiden’s trident. All of a sudden some hog man hybrid threw me into a wall. Now I’m stuck there.  But that’s not the first game I’ve played that’s been glitchy where I’ve been stuck in a wall. This also happened to me with Darksiders 2 but I was playing it on Wii U. This glitch, getting stuck inside of something in particular is enough to demotivate me.

But what are some other glitches? Another game that seems harmlessly glitchy that I’ve played recently was Bloodbourne. Alright so you’re walking along in Yharnam minding your business. You’re looking up at a Paleblood Sky then you notice a statue just hovering there… Ummm okay. Or you’re walking around and encounter an enemy that you’re able to walk through while it’s stuck in an infinite loop performing a glitchy dance. Or maybe you see an enemy disappear and reappear. From Assassin’s Creed to Halo there are some notable and entertaining glitches. Here’s WatchMojo’s top ten most glitchy games.

10. Deformed babies in SIMS 3. (Yeah this one gave me nightmares)


9. GTA 4 – Car catapult swing set glitch

(I say GTA3 well mostly any GTA game for that matter has crazy glitches)



8.  Hercules Check in NHL 13. (I don’t play many sports games well enough to know this one but I have seen enough memes and gifs to know they are in abundance.)
nhl glitch.gif


7. Red Dead Redemption – Hydraulic Wagon (Also known as the pimp my wagon feature)

Rockstar strikes again. While I wasn’t familiar with this one I have seen some buggy things from this game.


6. Skate 3 – too many to choose just one.

5.Skyrim – Backwards flying dragons!!!! Umm but this too…0SwuAYt.gif

4.Pokemon – MissingN0 (I don’t play pokemon but this one is a pretty infamous one)

3.Heavy Rain- Shaun! Shaun! Shaun! It’s a final scene glitch sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t.

2.Golden Eye 007- Improperly inserted cartridge
If the N64 cartridge was tilted it caused characters to spin out of control.


1.Super Mario Brothers – Minus World
One of the most famous and one of the first.

Some of my favorite glitches include Haunting Ground, Spiro year of the dragon and a few others. Do you have your own top ten list of game glitches???  I would love to read about it!!!! Please comment and share and feel free to watch the countdown on WatchMojo!

Don’t for get add me on PSN: Imriven
Until next time Game on!!!

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