Nostalgic RETROspective

A couple of days ago I was subjected to something that hurled me backwards into time. I have been a gamer since I remember. I was even an avid watcher of video game cartoons. I found Legend of Zelda the animated series on TV. I wonder if any of you remember this gem?


It first aired in 1989 and was a part of the Super Mario Brothers show. It had some loose references to the Zelda video game such as the Triforce, Link, Zelda, some of the items and enemies.  I know I’m showing my age but the cartoons back then were awesome. I admit even some eariler cartoons from the 60’s and 70’s are pretty great too like Tom and Jerry and Popeye. The best from the 90’s I think are xmen, batman, and spider man. Even the Ninja Turtles animated series from the 80’s is awesome. Now I just keep to my Sponge Bob, Regular Show, and adult swim cartoons thank you very much!!! But I digress let me keep this game related.

So like I said The Legend of Zelda animated series was featured on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. This was a sort of skit show where they featured a Super Mario Brothers Cartoon as well as the Legend of Zelda Cartoon. I don’t know who could forget the ending credits song, “Swing your arms from side to side it’s time to go let’s do the Mario!”

Well this was just the first of many video game cartoons. Remember Double Dragon? I do barely…

Sonic the Hedgehog was a big one too. There were a couple of sonic cartoons which aired at the same time. One being The Adventures of sonic the Hedgehog. It would come on weekdays and featured Sonic and Tails fighting against Dr. Robotnic, and his robots Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts.

The other series which aired on Saturdays was simply titled Sonic the Hedgehog.  This was a bit more serious as it follows Sonic and Tails and the freedom fighters in a distopian and surveillenced society.  Dr. Robotnic is trying to enslave the animals in machines and pollute the world.  The freedom fighters try to stop him.  It was a pretty serious cartoon for back in the 90s. Somewhat ahead of it’s time. Now it seems that there is this that reoccuring theme of machines taking over society.  I played a game at PAX Prime that was exactly that. Horizon Zero Dawn. But I will talk more about that in Pax West entry. Both Sonics in each cartoon were voiced by Jaleel White (aka Steve Erkel). What’s that guy up to nowadays anyway?


That concludes this article but stay tuned for my PAX Prime experience which is coming up soon!. I’m working on it now and it has more detail though less pics since I was able to go as an attendee instead of an exhibitor.  Game on until next time!



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