Lords of the Fallen

While I sit tapping my fingers waiting for games like Resident Evil 7, Psychonauts Rhombus of Ruin, and Horizon Zero Dawn, to be released, one game has caught my interest. 

Lords of the Fallen is a Playstation Plus free game of the month. Which as we know can be hit or miss. But this one has me rather excited. It’s claimed to be ” like Dark Souls but without the pain” by IGN. So do you really mean I can actually play the game without dying two hundred times trying to level up and retrieve My skill points?!?!? I’m a person that’s used to playing old school RPGs but also along with the insane amount of crazy battles you need to partake of you get an amazing story. With RPGs that’s the payoff. With Dark Souls and Bloodbourne I’m just running back and forth hacking away waiting for the pay-off. Don’t get me wrong the best part is getting to a new area when you become strong enough but it pales in comparison to a good storyline.

Call me greedy and maybe I’m asking for too much as a gamer but I like action as well as a good story. That’s what captivated me as a gamer in the first place. You think a plumber and his brother going to save a princess from an evil lizard/turtle/dragon/demon isn’t captivating… Then I just don’t know what is!?!?

Those are my quick thoughts. Pax west post coming within the next week. Ugh it is long but awesome!!! Until then game on!!!!

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