Lords of the Fallen (followup)

I started playing Lords of the Fallen. The title sequence was eye-catching but the controls and the play seemed not as cohesive to me. With Bloodbourne, even after taking a break for a couple of months, I fell back into the game, the controls, and the whole Bloodbourne world like I never left. I may go back one day and give Lords of the Fallen another shot, meanwhile I noticed an Indie game that was downloaded from Playstation Plus that I didn’t even realize was there. Journey.


I first started playing this game without a lot of expectations. I havent’ heard about it before. I just thought it was a free game so whatever. When I began my Journey I was just as befuddled as I was when I ended my Journey. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing in this case.  Going into this not knowing the object of the game or what was going on is a big part of this game’s intrigue. It’s just enough to keep you playing. The puzzles are easy enough to figure out. The artwork in this game is phenominal. From this dazzling diamond sands to the eerie greenish glow of the undersea I was totally mesmerized throughout this game with the environmental design. There are some fun and great suprises throughout. Animated talismans give you your powers thoughout the game and may resemble magical animals. The ending is definately worth the journey.

Jouney was developed by That Game Company and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Reading about it after playing it, Journey has won several awards and has been around since PS3. I noticed other characters like me in game, but I thought they were automated. They’re actually other players. You can’t communicate with them but you can help each other on your journey. It turns out I was on my journey with about ten other players. Which also means this game is still going strong. It’s a short game if you are looking for a game in between games. You know what I’m talking about? When you’re playing your main game like for instance Bloodbourne and you get killed before you retrieve your blood echos and you just can’t stand the sight of that game for the moment, you’ll come back to it but you need to give it time. But you still wanna game?  Journey is that game. I may even play it a second time! Which is a rareity for me. I have only played three games twice from start to finish in my life time. Final fantasy 7, Legend of the Dragoon, and Limbo. This game reminded my a bit of Limbo, the Unfinished Swan, and Rain. It’s definately worth checking out!!

So yes it’s been about a month since Pax West and I think it’s about time for the post. Keep an eye out it may be coming sooner than you think! Until next time, game on!


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