Back at it…

Hey Everybody. It’s been awhile. What have I been up to? I’ve been learning how to code, (python, ruby, javascript) and being a freelance designer. Basically adulting. But adulting has yet to get in the way of my gaming so let’s get to it!

So what have I been doing since I last posted? PAX West 2017 (which was crazier than the last one), Horizon Zero Dawn & Frozen Wilds (oh momma we are going to have a whole separate post on this game), Witcher 3  with expansion games Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine (guys I just didn’t sleep and yeah I took care of every question mark sooooo….), Yoshi Wooley World, Until Dawn, Walking Dead Episode 1, and some others that escape my mind at the moment. Hopefully, we will talk about these and more.

Also recently in my classic gaming attempts, I revisited Friday the 13th for NES. We need to talk about how hilarious this game is.

Since it’s been awhile I need some more readers. I also have a 10th anniversary Witcher poster that I got from PAX West 2017. Please share my blog and email me ( with a list of friends that you shared my post with.  The person who gets the most subscriptions will be the winner of this poster. I don’t have many followers so this won’t be too hard. I also have a rare Witcher 10th anniversary pin from PAX that I will only be able to part with if a reader gets me 20+ followers.


I know this was a quick post but coming soon will be a post about Trophy Hunting, What puts Horizon Zero Dawn in a league of its own, as well as some classic gamin throw-backs. I wrote some posts a while ago that I never posted so those will be going up too! Until next time, game on!



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